About Spinbrush

A Superior Clean Patients Can Afford

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Step-up from a manual toothbrush for less than $10

Patented Dual-Action Toothbrush Head

Removes significantly more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush 1, 2

Affordable replacements heads for adult brushes

Clinically proven to be more effective than manual brushing.

Available in a variety of characters that kids’ love!

Kid’s brush up to 38% long with Spinbrush™*

Promotes healthy brushing and good dental hygiene habits

Removes plaque and massages gums

Fixed lower bristles with oscillating upper bristles

Designed for a child’s smaller hand and mouths

Offering your patients a better clean for under $10.

* Compared to manual toothbrush. 1) Data on File: ST-7452, ST-7486. 2) Biesbrock AR, et al. Jnl Cont Dent Pract. 2002,3(2):1-12.