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Trust the Natural Power
of Baking Soda

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Trust the natural power of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda toothpaste

Clinically proven to remove up to 33% more total mouth plaque 1,2*

>80% more plaque removed from hard-to-reach-areas 1,2*

Neutralizes Plaque Acids Quickly with a pH of about 8.5 3*

Provide effective yet gentle cleaning and whitening

Less abrasive than the majority of regular toothpastes 4-8†

See the Proven Science Behind Baking Soda Recently Published in JADA

*vs. Leading Non-Baking Soda Toothpastes. 1) Thong S, Hooper W, et al. Jnl Clin Dent 2011;22:171-178. 2) Putt MS, et al. J Clin dent 2008;19:1-9. 3) Zero DT. JADA Nov 2017;148(11 suppl):10-14. 4) Hara AT Turssi CP. JADA Nov 2017;148(11 suppl):27-33. 5) Harpenau LA, et al. Calif Dent Assoc Jnl 2011;39(4):225-231. 6) Schemehorn BR, et al. Jnl Clin Dent 2011;22:11-18. 7) Inside Dentistry. April 2007;3(4). 8) RDA Data on File: 180511/ 9) Data on File: ST-7452, ST-7486. 10) Biesbrock AR et al. Jnl Cont Dent Pract. 2002,3(2):1-12. 11) Data on File: Precedent Research Inc.