Attack More Plaque

Since plaque biofilm is responsible for dental caries, gingivitis
and periodontitis, its removal is of primary importance.1
Our secret weapon to Attacking More Plaque? Toothpastes made
with 100% Natural Baking Soda!

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Remove up to
5X More Plaque*2

ARM & HAMMERTM Toothpastes are
clinically proven to remove more plaque
in hard-to-reach areas than non-baking
soda toothpastes.2

Attack Plaque
Two Different Ways

Made with 100% Natural Baking Soda,
ARM & HAMMERTM Toothpastes help
remove more plaque by penetrating and
disrupting plaque biofilm,3 and providing
very gentle abrasive action.4

Clean Gently with
Low-Abrasion Formulas

ARM & HAMMERTM Toothpastes are tough
on plaque yet provide extremely gentle
cleaning, and can help minimize wear on
softened enamel and exposed dentin.4

Dental Professionals
Recommend ARM & HAMMERTM
Baking Soda Toothpastes

Dr. Geissberger is one of many dentists who trusts in the
Proven Power of Baking Soda. Watch the video to learn
why ARM & HAMMERTM is his toothpaste brand of choice!

A Toothpaste for Every Patient

Low-abrasion formulas, plaque removal, gentle whitening
and more—there is an ARM & HAMMERTM Toothpaste for
virtually every patient need and preference.

Continuing Education Courses
for Professionals

Interested in learning about baking soda, pH
neutralization or toothpaste ingredients? Pick
the course you want and earn credit today!

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JADA: Baking Soda Dentifrices
and Oral Health

Now that you know the clinical benefits of ARM & HAMMERTM
Toothpastes, find out more from the Journal of the American
Dental Association (JADA)
2017 Supplement that examines the
proven science behind baking soda.

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